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Discover or Rediscover the "True Meaning of Christmas." God's Ultimate gift did not come with pretty bows and wrapping paper. Quite the opposite. It came in the most humble and unlikely of places. In an unclean, cold animal stable.
This display gives a view of the big picture of what God's plan was when he let his only begotten son enter the world as a baby on that first Christmas night. It was a most extraordinary moment in man's history on this Earth. But to get a better idea of the complete gift from God, you have to see the connection of Christmas to Easter. The ultimate sacrifice anyone can ever give, especially a loving creator.
God's Ultimate Gift is beyond any treasure that can be had on this Earth, but like any other gift it needs to be received, as explained in John 3. 16-20. "May Gods Holy Spirit open your spiritual eyes, ears, and heart to the awesome truth, and realization that the Ultimate Gift of Jesus was given to you."



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